Find yoga classes for schools, companies and one-to-ones in and around London. 


Summer '17 has arrived and we are ready for much Yoga joy around London! Lizzie is in the process of organising the park classes and looking forward to having the timetable in place and getting started. You'll need to bring a yoga mat/scarf or towel and a water bottle. Wear comfy clothing you can move freely in and that are suitable for the weather.  Live updates will be posted on Facebook. 




"The children have found yoga fun as well as calm and relaxing.  After a yoga session the class seem focuses and more ready to settle into a learning task." 
- Rachel Taylor, Year 1&2 teacher and team leader

"I am an LSA and work as a 1:1 with a 9 year old girl with D.S. She has been enjoying regular mid week yoga sessions with Lizzie and the benefits are plentiful. Due to the holistic approach approach of the sessions they are inclusive at many levels. She is fully engaged and focused throughout the 30 minutes and at the same time is invaluable experience with her peers. She leaves the sessions energised, happy and ready to give her full attention to her learning." - Jane (LSA and learning mentor,

"It's a good group activity, the children enjoy that it's movement based and connecting calmly" - Shay (LSA)

"I like Yoga because it feels relaxing" - Robbie, age 11

"I enjoy the yoga. It feels really amazing." - Abraham, age 7

"I really like doing yoga with Liz because it makes me feel calm and safe." - Erin, age 7

"Yoga is fun and calm. My favourite pose is cat." - Lucy, age 7