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'Merci à toi Lizzie Adams. You are such a beautiful Yoga guide. It's amazing to see you guiding with so much ease. You are so very gentle and natural. Thank you thank you thank you for the much needed experience after a day of flying and traveling . Love you.' - Elly

'I thoroughly enjoy Lizzie's Strala yoga classes. I find her style very accessible and doable even with past injuries. She offers lots of alternatives and the focus is on listening to and working with your body and choosing the option that's right for you: she doesn't expect you to be super-flexible, which I'm not! Lizzie's welcoming attitude, gentle guidance and gentle background music create a lovely atmosphere. Even when I'm feeling tired and achey I still persist in going because I always feel more relaxed and freer in my body and mind afterwards. I really recommend trying her classes.' - Eleanor

‘So far Lizzie has been guiding us for 8 months at our home and the children and I have benefited massively. Strala yoga has proved perfect for myself and my daughters. The gentle approach really helps us relax and has introduced a calmness in to our life. Lizzie asks us before every session how we are feeling and whether we would like a more relaxed or energised feel to our yoga. We look forward to Lizzie coming every week. I would thoroughly recommend Strala Yoga with Lizzie Adams!’ – Rakie

‘I’ve just taken up Yoga for the first time at 50, I wish I’d done it at 20. Lizzie’s guidance is pitch perfect, I can’t recommend Strala Yoga highly enough. Don’t take my word for it, just give it a try. It’ll change your life.’ – Adam

‘Lizzie is a wonderful gentle facilitator, the strala yoga sessions with her are very soothing and relaxing, perfect to release any tension and turn on the body’s natural healing abilities. The background music is very enjoyable also’ – Marisa

‘Lizzie is a great yoga teacher; she is patient, calm and very professional. Her lessons are tailored to all abilities and always adapts activities to suit individual needs but challenges you each time. I finish feeling relaxed, 5 inches taller and stronger and more supple. Would highly recommend Lizzie to anyone!’ – Nicola

'I really enjoy this class. It helps me to feel young again! I feel very energetic afterwards, so yes, very good. Thanks for that.' - Tanjiha

‘I have found Strala very different from my previous experiences with other styles of yoga. Lizzie’s gentle approach sensitively guides you through the moves encouraging you to find your individual comfortable place. The sessions are enjoyable and fun, but also relaxing. They leave me feeling calm, centred and refreshed.’ – Lynn

‘I have been wanting to do yoga for many years and am pleased to have now begun age 70. Strala Yoga is calming for me and I look forward to the next session. It also seems to influence my day to day routine as I find myself feeling more motivated and carrying out tasks with more ease.’ – Sandra

'Amazing experience! I feel great, relaxed and restful. Attending yoga regularly has helped my back also. Thank you.' - Jessica

‘The session was in an idyllic location, loved the atmosphere being surrounded by nature. The yoga was very fluid and I liked that I did not feel overchalleged but got the most out of it. Lizzie made me feel very relaxed, she guides well and helps you to feel at ease as well as her professional and gentle approach she provides valuable information about Strala yoga.’ – Carol

'Strala Yoga is very helpful and benefits me. Lizzie is extremely good and friendly. I feel better after going to yoga classes.' - Hajara

‘Lizzie’s yoga is relaxing, easy to follow and suitable for those who are just starting to exercise again. Throughout the sessions Lizzie is reassuring and attentive towards each persons physical capabilities. A refreshing experience overall.’ – Astrid

‘Lizzie brings a lovely energy and lightness of being to a fun and relaxed, relaxing yoga session which is suitable for all levels.’ – Clare

‘Before my first Yoga class I wasn’t sure what to expect but now I am really glad to have experienced it. After the sessions I feel relaxed and revitalised, definitely less stressed. I look forward to class each week. Lizzie is very good at explaining what to do, making it easy to grasp.’ – Roz

'I had mobility issues in my left arm and hip. Coming to yoga has helped me to relax and improved my pain and mobility enormously.' - Filiz




"The children have found yoga fun as well as calm and relaxing.  After a yoga session the class seem focuses and more ready to settle into a learning task." 
- Rachel Taylor, Year 1&2 teacher and team leader

"I am an LSA and work as a 1:1 with a 9 year old girl with D.S. She has been enjoying regular mid week yoga sessions with Lizzie and the benefits are plentiful. Due to the holistic approach approach of the sessions they are inclusive at many levels. She is fully engaged and focused throughout the 30 minutes and at the same time is invaluable experience with her peers. She leaves the sessions energised, happy and ready to give her full attention to her learning." - Jane (LSA and learning mentor,

"It's a good group activity, the children enjoy that it's movement based and connecting calmly" - Shay (LSA)

"I like Yoga because it feels relaxing" - Robbie, age 11

"I enjoy the yoga. It feels really amazing." - Abraham, age 7

"I really like doing yoga with Liz because it makes me feel calm and safe." - Erin, age 7

"Yoga is fun and calm. My favourite pose is cat." - Lucy, age 7